“From day one, coaching focuses on what clients want. People come to coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for change or they have important goals to reach…

People come to coaching for lots of individual reasons. They are motivated to achieve specific goals: to write a book, to start a business, to have a healthier body. They come to coaching in order to be more effective or more satisfied at work. They hire a coach because they want to create more order and balance in their lives. Sometimes people want to more life – more peace of mind, more simplicity, more joy. And sometimes they want less – less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure. In general, they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life – more fulfilment, better balance – or a different process for accomplishing their life desires. Whatever the individual reason, it all starts with the client.

Laura Whitworth , Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey- House, Phillip Sandal “Co-active coaching”

Please do get in touch with me.

I want to listen to your story and have the privilege of helping you to achieve your goals.

I am the specialist of holistic coaching approach and I abide by all principles of ICF.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

For many, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving leadership skills. Coaching helps people tap into their potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productivity.

Individuals who partner with coaches have reported several benefits, including improved communication skills, increased self-esteem/self-confidence, increased productivity, optimized individual/team performance (2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study).

A coaching process I am specialised is based on 7 stages and will help you to discover the answers for all above questions.

  1. Creation of relationship, where trust, respect, enthusiasm and positive approach play main role. At this stage the crucial is to create a link between the coach and the client. It is extremely important that client feels secure in our environment. Relationship should be created in authentic and natural way.
  2. Initial determination of goals– fields that client wants to concentrate on.
  3. Evaluation of a situation– here and now. To be able to accompany client on their journey, we should know who they are, what they do, what are their beliefs, strengths, what they have achieved and what values they share.
  4. Choosing future– when and where is the next step on the way. At this stage we are defining final results with client, which means to set specific actions and dates they are undertaken by. Client is responsible for his actions and obtaining the dream result.
  5. Designing the way– choosing specific plan of actions, when we define primary and secondary goals as well as factors important to realization of the action plan.
  6. Building the way– realization of the plan. At this stage client needs to stay motivated and focused on the plan.
  7. Evaluation of progress– at this stage client needs to grant his/her own successes and achievements and appreciate perseverance in action that lead to success.

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“Katarzyna is a brilliant workshop facilitator with a great personality and highly recommended to work with. Thank you so much Katarzyna Ostasz for the absolutely awesome workshop  you delivered for us here in Szeroa Perspektywa a Polish Personal Development community in Dublin. Thank you for the knowledge you shared with us and the fun on the day. What a workshop it was! We were all going home empowered and excited to try out new stuff we had learned about the Silv Method. We ere delighted to have you and looking forward to more workshop in the future.”

Anna Bochen Szewczyk

„Katarzyna Ostasz is a wonderful person that I’ve had a pleasure to meet some time ago when I was taking part of workshops organized by her. She captivated me by presenting full professionalism, immaculate organization, openness and enthusiasm. She is always a very cheerful person. There is a great description of Katarzyna which I can tell: “She takes life into her own hands and enjoys every moment of it” .”

Marzena Kolano

Kasia had a considerable impact on my life. She provided me with great support, coaching in a really difficult time of my life, which helped me stayed calm and focused to achieve the best aim for me and my family. She is extremely professional and supportive, she always listen and give you constructive feedback. During our sessions, I felt relaxed, happy and focused- as Kasia directed me and my thoughts to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Anyone looking who is looking to enhance their approach to mindfulness, happiness, and fulfillment- Kasia is a person to go to. She will definitely help you achieve the lifestyle you always wanted to have with a piece of mind.

Karolina Wonchala

“Why I would recommend Kasia as a life coach? It’s about her personality, enthusiasm, knowledge, and “you can do it” attitude. Kasia is a lovely person, warm, friendly, trustworthy and spiritual ( she’s into yoga, Certified Silva teacher) in the same time she’s very serious, professional and demanding coach, by using right coaching tools she knows how to listen to client, how to motivate and give as much support as is needed.  She’s the right person to help you set and achieve your goals! I highly recommend working with Kasia.” 

Emilia Biedrzycka

None from the business owners or entrepreneurs would be effective, fulfilled and happy, if they do have a mess in their own private life.

During the coaching process I use holistic approach to fulfil client’s needs.

Conscious life. Conscious business.

Types of coaching in which I specialize and have international experience.


Life coaching

It is an excellent support for all who feel that they are ready to implement some changes in their life. Life coaching gives a client opportunity for entire insight of his/her life, a consideration of where a client needs to go next and in which area the changes are needed the most.

Areas of life coaching:

  • Setting plans and goals.
  • Developing a vision of your own development, based on your needs, values, and individual potential.
  • Working with belief system.
  • Improving self-believe and self-confidence.
  • Interpersonal relationships.
  • Time management.
  • Development of potential and creativity.
  • Developing new and productive habits.
  • Emotional balance.
  • Mission of life.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Relationships.
  • Reducing stress and leverage your personal energy.
  • Tapping into your intuition.


business coach will assist and guide the business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. 

Areas of the business coaching:

  • Defining the company’s short and long-term goals.
  • Building a strategy in the company.
  • Development of business, marketing and the sales plans in the company.
  • Managing challenges effectively.
  • Improving communication.
  • Improvement of dealing witth difficult situations.
  • Time management in the company.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Creation of the road map of success.
  • Greater confidence.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Increasing team work skills within the business.



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