Coach is a motivating authority, thanks to which one can take conscious part in the process of change and self development. Coach is a client’s friend, regardless of the area of interest. Coach’s task is to use client’s potential, to discover client’s internal and external potential that is to influence the ultimate effect.

Coach is to motivate trough asking open clause questions that remind customer of what he or she knows already and what is best to accomplish client’s goals. The “Co-active coaching” defines coach as changing agent, motor of progress, important element in the process of acceleration of changes. Mr Bennewicz, whom I mentioned before, believes that “work of coach is to inspire clients and to point the areas of responsibility out”

Coach gives his clients space and support, do not judge or generalize, is authentic and does not play any roles, he is concentrated on here and now. Coach listens to the client, accompanies when thoughts and beliefs are reformulated, objectively assesses client’s reality and gathers facts. Coach asks, asks and asks. Coach works along with client to reach his goals and ultimate success.

A relation between client and coach is described as partnership and cooperation. Coach is not an expert or problem-solver. Coaching plan is derived from client’s needs. Key thing in coaching is a belief that client is naturally creative. Coaching is not oriented towards problems, but difficulties instead. It investigates the areas client wants to work with. Coaching emphasize human’s potential, his strengths, competencies and abilities.

Coaching is enthusiastic, positive and concentrates on ‘here and now’. Coaching process is the process of awakening the neurons, going out of our ‘comfort zone’, far from predetermined criteria, standards and false beliefs. We do not give advises, do not judge, and do not solve problems. We are curious about client’s world, we explore client’s reality and we encourage client to explore himself trough ability to ask right questions. Albert Einstein once said: “Most teachers waste their time by asking questions which are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning has for its purpose to discover what the pupil knows or is capable of knowing”. That is what coach does. 

What are your expectations from your coach during coaching?

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