In my job, I often meet people, who would like to do in their lives something that they could feel passionate about. They have massive amount of strength, motivation, ambition and drive to keep them going. The only problem is they have absolutely no idea what their passion is…

If you are one of them, I will give you some clues on how you can find your true passion. It’s worth to give it a go; it’s your life we are talking about!

Passion is the key to happiness and fulfillment. Passion is the way of life. Passion is a very personal experience. When you start doing what you really love, your life begins to go in the direction you would have never imagined. Believe me; I know that from my very own experience.

So, where to start then?

Start looking for your passion, right now. Keep seeking and don’t you stop!

Firstly, passion and pleasure come together. Take your time to think: what is that you adore doing, what makes you feel exited and energetic, what environment you feel comfortable in, what kind of people you admire. Answering these questions can help you out!

Secondly, your area of interests and talents help you to determine, what your unique gift is. I think you agree with me that whatever we like to do is what we’re good at. Passion and talent come together as well. Therefore, what is that you can do better than anyone?

Open your mind for new experiences. You will not find your passion if you are doing the same things every day. If its fashion that you’re after – read fashion magazines, go to fashion show, go to shops to see new season’s trends. Dress fashionably – you might want to become a stylist, fashion designer or fashion magazine writer. Be opened for new people and new experience and you will see how fast you can get closer to what you love and is your passion. Watch for your mind, it can mislead you. It is possible that your own mind, as a safety precaution, will point you towards not-so great life goals.

If there is something you don’t like, don’t do it. Time spent badly is taking you further from discovering what you love. It may sound drastically, but if you don’t like your job, quit it. If you don’t like certain people, stay away from them. This is your life, live it consciously. Find your true passion and bring it to life.

Next blog is of how to support realization of you newly discovered passion.



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