Eureka, I’ve just discovered my passion! I want to be world class pianist. I want to help others to realize their visions. I want to be a part of fast-paced consulting team. If you have something you would like to do, your true passion, it’s time to follow steps below and chase your dream.

  1. Concentrate on what you love, what you want to create, because what consumes your mind controls your life.You might think: “What if others criticise me?” Remember! You have choice! You can concentrate on a negative feedback or ask yourself: “How can I use this feedback, to be sure that what I’m doing has sense?”
  2. Believe in yourself.Appreciate your current and past successes. They will give you wings to follow your passion. When you feel your own power, when you feel like you have everything – you do have everything you need.
  3. If you’re after your passion – don’t you even think about failure.Believe me, your destination will take you, where you should go.
  4. Be persistent.When you live your true passion, being persistent is not so difficult. I know something about it. You can find seeds of opportunity in every obstacle on your way to success. Keep your eyes and your mind wide open not to miss them.
  5. Be grateful for everything you’ve been given, for every person you’ve met, for everyday pleasures.
  6. Create your own Vision Board.It should show everything you wish to create with your passions. I would recommend creating your Vision Board with your closest family or friends. That is something that can give you loads of fun. Do not forget to place your Vision Board someplace visible so you could see it everyday.
  7. Live your life to the fullest and love it.Remember, it is you who decide about your life!

Is Nick Vujicic an adequate example of self-realization, of living his passion?

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