I’ve felt good on stage since elementary school – whether as a class chairman, performing with a dance group on the stage, or singing at school festivals – YES – I used to sing in public wink.

As a STRATEGIST (I refer here to my DISC personality profile report, which identifies your dominant behavioural style), I’m the right person to spend  time with you in the training room.


I can strongly influence others and motivate them to achieve their goals.

I’m very sensitive to the people around me.

Creativity is my strength, I am happy to confront and overcome any problems.

I’m highly motivated and often work at a very fast pace to achieve my goals. I like challenges and making decisions usually comes without a problem, even in stressful situation.

I’m a warm, sociable person who very much enjoys interacting with other people. I’m able to find the positive side of the most difficult situation, and communication with others comes to me easily.

When dealing with others, I’m flexible and willing to try new things.

I am original and creative. I implement new solutions with great confidence. When making a decision, facts are as important to me as intuition. After making my decision, I consistently stick to it.

In a training room, whether small or large, I feel like a fish in the water.

As a trainer, I bring great value to the team.

(DISC personality profile report)

I’m full of energy and commitment.

I can easily perform many tasks at the same time, although I think that multi-tasking at work is not beneficial for us.

I can perform well in challenging situations.

What’s more, I bring many positive qualities to the team.

I achieve my goals in an innovative way.

I’ve excellent communication skills and am very happy to share my own opinion!

I overcome difficulties, I see hope in difficult situation.

I’m open to sharing tips and lead the team towards the set goals.

I’m an optimist.

I take challenges without fear.

I accepts risk.

I see the overall picture in any challenging situation.

I can deal with multiply projects at the same time.

I handle heavy workloads well.



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