How to deal with a stressful situation?

The Corona virus pandemic has changed our daily lives.

We adapt to new circumstances.

We acquire new experiences and new skills.

We face with a stressful situation whether in our business, career or personal life. It is very easy to worry, be fearful, get stressed and panic.

Some stress is good for us, but too much can result in us being unable to think straight, inaction and poor performance.

I have therefore put together some ideas and tips to help you when you are faced with a stressful situation that I will be presented for you during my upcoming webinar.




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My name is Katarzyna Ostasz.

For the last six years I have been working for myself helping my clients to discover their personal and professional potential while simultaneously teaching them to live thier live to the fullest and taking care for their well-being.

Also, I am the Certified Silva Method Trainer who teach The Silva Method program in Ireland. The Silva Method is the original Alpha/Theta Training that is now taught in over 110 countries for nearly 50 years and experienced by millions of people. It is a profound experience where you discover your power for self-healing, create solutions for personal power and self-improvement, enhance memory, learning and focus. You also awaken and develop your intuitive wisdom to improve the quality of life for yourself and/or your loved ones and help to create a better world.


Why you shoud join my webinar – How to deal with a stressful situation?

  • You’ll get to know how to work with your mindset to reduce stress on the daily basis.
    • Mind is the golden key to unlock all of your desires and potentials. Mind will show you the path to strength, energy, enthusiasm and belief. Mind will lead you to your spirit and true potential.
    • You’ll get to know the tools to adapt in this extraordinary time

    • You’ll get to know how to be creative at problem sloving

    • You are going to experience a dynamic meditation for your benefit.

    You are going to experience how to use more of your mind and to use it in a special manner.

    Emilia Biedrzycka, Ireland

    Emilia Biedrzycka, Ireland

    “Why I would recommend Kasia as a life coach? It’s about her personality, enthusiasm, knowledge, and “you can do it” attitude. Kasia is a lovely person, warm, friendly, trustworthy and spiritual ( she’s into yoga, Certified Silva teacher) in the same time she’s very serious, professional and demanding coach, by using right coaching tools she knows how to listen to client, how to motivate and give as much support as is needed.  She’s the right person to help you set and achieve your goals! I highly recommend working with Kasia.” 

    Karolina Wonchala, Poland

    Karolina Wonchala, Poland

    “Kasia had a considerable impact on my life. She provided me with great support, coaching in a really difficult time of my life, which helped me stayed calm and focused to achieve the best aim for me and my family. She is extremely professional and supportive, she always listen and give you constructive feedback. During our sessions, I felt relaxed, happy and focused- as Kasia directed me and my thoughts to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Anyone looking who is looking to enhance their approach to mindfulness, happiness, and fulfillment- Kasia is a person to go to. She will definitely help you achieve the lifestyle you always wanted to have with a piece of mind.

    Eliza Joanska, Switzerland

    Eliza Joanska, Switzerland

    “Katarzyna is a very experience business and life coach I did her silva method course and I found it very helpful. She understand you as a client from the begining she worked through all course on goals that you want to achieve and she push you into doing things and make it happen. With her coaching you can get results you never thought about before she push you outside your comfort zone. For my additional fashion projects I achieve with her everything I was dreaming of. I highly recommend her to any start ups, enterpreneurs and companies. She will improve your results and make you successful”

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